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Hikers planning to walk California's Barbary Coast Trail, in San Francisco, can download two MP3 audio tours.

Daniel Bacon researched, designed and coaxed the trail into reality. The Barbary Coast Trail begins at San Francisco's circa 1874 Old Mint.

It continues past more than 20 of the city's most historic sites before ending at Aquatic Park. The Powell-Hyde cable car line, which has a track record of 130-plus years, connects the two ends of the Barbary Coast Trail.

Print versions of the tour, a pocket map, and a book, Walking on the Barbary Coast Trail also describe the 3.8-mile (six-kilometer) trail, which opened in May 1998.

The MP3 audio narration includes rumblings of the 1906 earthquake and shouts of Gold Rush pioneer, Sam Brannan. Audio versions of the north or south half of the trail are available.