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Barb and Ron Kroll on camels in Inner Mongolia
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

Who are Barb and Ron Kroll?

We are award-winning travel writers and photographers, with more than 5,000 stories and photos published in books, magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Our travels have taken us over four million kilometers around the world.

We explore the world from Australia to Zimbabwe, riding elephants in India and camels in the Sahara, bird-watching in Costa Rica, taking cooking lessons in New Orleans and touring an archeological site older than King Tut's tomb in Canada.

To capture the essence of destinations, we insist on first-hand experiences: feeding the sharks in Bora Bora, dining at Europe's Michelin-starred restaurants and Asia's market stands, floating over California's wine country in a hot air balloon and hoisting the sails of a clipper ship in the Caribbean.

We update www.KrollTravel.com frequently to help you plan your trip with travel information, news, contests, book reviews and links to weather, maps, discount travel, tourist boards, WiFi locations and other travel resources.