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Only 50% of travellers buy emergency medical travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance and baggage insurance, according to a recent Canadian study. Reasons for not buying global travel insurance included cost, hassle and a belief that international travel insurance isn't necessary.

Thomas Cook Travel Insurance wants to improve these statistics with "consumer-friendly" and low cost travel insurance, according to Kevin McAdam, Director Financial Services, Thomas Cook North America. "Our goal is to make it simple to purchase travel insurance," he says.

Single trip holiday insurance

Adults up to 25 years old can buy single trip insurance for one to four days, including emergency medical insurance, for as low as $10 a trip.

Thirteen per cent of surveyed travellers experienced trip interruption due to illness. "To make it easier for consumers with pre-existing medical conditions to buy travel insurance, we made the medical questionnaire as simple as possible," explains McAdam.

Annual family travel insurance

Consumers who buy travel insurance from Thomas Cook, have access to a medical concierge. The doctor, who is available for telephone consultations, 24 hours daily, seven days a week, can help travellers who have forgotten their prescriptions. Arrangements can also be made for qualified physicians to treat ill travellers at U.S. resorts, so they don't have to interrupt their trips.

For families wanting to buy annual holiday insurance, Thomas Cook Travel Insurance offers annual multi trip travel insurance for families. Travel insurance rates begin at $170 a year.

All inclusive travel insurance plans include up to $5 million coverage for emergency health insurance and up to $350 financial assistance daily for meals and lodging. Covered expenses also include child care and transporting a family member or friend to help the injured or ill traveler. "We can even make arrangements to transport pets back home," adds McAdam.

Trip cancellation insurance

All-inclusive Thomas Cook travel insurance includes cruise cancellation insurance, tour cancellation coverage and help with cancelled or delayed flights and air schedule changes.

Travel insurance coverage, according to Kevin McAdam, could include money for flight changes or missed connections and help to obtain same-day transportation.

Luggage insurance

Lost baggage interrupted trips for 25% of survey respondents. Besides up to $500 baggage insurance, travel insurance policies from Thomas Cook include up to $500 for passport replacement, driver's license replacement and travel visa replacement.

In addition to travel insurance coverage for loss of personal items, such as toiletries, clothing and golf clubs, travel insurance policies cover loss of currency up to $100. If you buy foreign currencies from Thomas Cook, the travel insurance covers up to $200 of lost money.

Medical evacuation travel insurance

Thomas Cook Travel Insurance provides emergency medical evacuation, if a physician recommends that you return home due to an emergency from a covered risk.

For passengers on expedition cruises or travelling anywhere in the world, travel insurance coverage includes the extra cost of an economy class flight or stretcher fare on a commercial flight, if medically required.

If required medically or by the airline, emergency evacuation insurance covers return economy class fare on the most cost-effective route for a qualified medical attendant to accompany you, as well as their fees and expenses. Travel evacuation insurance also covers the cost of air ambulance transportation, if medically required.

Seniors travel insurance

Thomas Cook Travel Insurance has no age limit for all-inclusive, trip cancellation insurance and emergency medical insurance for single trips.

Travellers over 60 years old can buy single trip emergency medical insurance, annual medical travel insurance and annual all-inclusive travel insurance plans, after completing a medical questionnaire. For annual medical and annual all-inclusive travel insurance, the age limit is under 85.

Insurance claims settlement

"If you have to make a claim on your travel insurance, Thomas Cook makes it simple and straightforward," says Kevin McAdam. "We try to settle claims within five business days, if you have the proper documentation, such as a camera receipt or foreign currency receipts."

"We want you to feel comfortable about buying Thomas Cook travel insurance," he adds. "You can change your mind up to 24 hours before trip departure." Thomas Cook travel insurance also offers a 10-day money back guarantee or cooling off period from the purchase date, during which you can cancel or adjust the travel insurance coverage.

Online travel insurance quotes

Consumers can request travel insurance quotes and buy travel insurance online or by phone from Thomas Cook Travel Insurance at 1-877-764-5199, toll-free in Canada and the USA.

Thomas Cook Travel Insurance: www.thomascook.com