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Visitors on Tokyo vacations can choose from many tour packages. You can also organize your own day trips and night tours of Tokyo.

Japanese tea ceremony
Japanese tea ceremony
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

Cultural tours

A one-day Tokyo vacation package, featuring Japanese culture, begins in Asakusa, a part of Tokyo reminiscent of the Edo Period, 400 years ago. You can rent a kimono and wear it for Tokyo sightseeing. Professionals at kimono rental shops ensure that it fits properly.

After visiting a temple in Asakusa, enjoy a rickshaw ride. Learn about traditional Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) on a tour of Kagurazaka.

A Shojin Ryori meal at Daigo costs about $118 at the Michelin star Tokyo restaurant. Shojin Ryori is a meal made from vegetables and cereals, traditionally eaten by Buddhist monks. Daigo restaurant uses dried yeast extract to enhance flavors.

Ginza Tokyo

World-class stores and specialty shops line the streets of Ginza. Shopping ranges from buying quality stationery at Ito-ya to purchasing pearl jewelry at Mikimoto.

Geisha dancer
Geisha dancer
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

Your shopping tour should also include Ginza Natsuno for lacquerware chopsticks.

Kabuki theater

At Shimbashi Enbujo Theater, Kabuki performers, wearing elaborate makeup and costumes, enact traditional stories. The audience hears English translations through headsets.

On cultural tours, Tokyo visitors can see the ancient Japanese performing arts, Noh and Kyogen, at the National Noh Theater. Actors wear masks and perform stories accompanied by music. Tickets for Kabuki, Noh and Kyogen can be booked before your Tokyo trip.

Night tours

Akasaka Kinryu is a ryoki, a high-end Japanese restaurant. The Zen style wooden ryoki was built in 1930.

Japanese meal
Japanese meal
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

During your Japanese meal, you can enjoy views of the Japanese garden and traditional performances of Japanese dance, shamisen and koto music. Some packages include Geisha performances.

After dinner and performances at Akasaka Kinryu, take a night tour of Tokyo. Excel Air Service has helicopter tours of Tokyo after dark.

Crystal Yacht Club, located in Shinagawa, offers Tokyo cruises at night, as well as day tours. Some cruises include dinner. The Lady Crystal cruise features great views of the Tokyo skyline.



Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau: www.tcvb.or.jp/en/

Japan National Tourism Organization: www.ilovejapan.ca

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