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Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines logos
Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines logos
Photo: Lufthansa Airlines Group

It used to be if you wanted a holiday in Berlin, as well as Vienna, you had to book flights to Berlin with Lufthansa and Vienna flights with Austrian Airlines. Now that Lufthansa Group includes Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, you or your travel agent can easily book flights on both airlines with one contact.

"You can book Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines flights to Vienna, and fly back from Berlin with the other airline, perhaps because the connection time is longer or the flight times are more convenient for you," says Chris Wendland, manager, marketing communications, Canada for Lufthansa Aviation Group.

Flying time between Berlin and Vienna

Flight time between Vienna, Austria, and Berlin, Germany, is one hour. The distance between Vienna and Berlin is only 530 kilometers (330 miles), making them ideal for a combined European city vacation.

A Vienna and Berlin vacation offers history, museums, music, nightlife, architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Museum Island in Berlin and Vienna's Old Town), according to Norbert Kettner, Vienna Tourist Board managing director, and Burkhard Kieker, visitBerlin CEO.

Potsdamer Platz, Sony-Center, Philharmonie, Kultur-Forum, Matthaei-Kirche in Berlin, Germany
Potsdamer Platz, Sony-Center, Philharmonie, Kultur-Forum, Matthaei-Kirche in Berlin, Germany
Photo © Pierre Adenis

Airline seats

Thanks to new airline seats, economy class passengers on Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa flights to Vienna and Berlin will soon notice more space for their legs and more space when seats recline.

"New technology has allowed Lufthansa and Austrian to design thinner seats, which are very comfortable," says Chris Wendland.

High-speed Internet access

Lufthansa flights also offer high-speed Internet service at all airline seats. High-speed Internet access is also available for laptops and smart phones.

"Cranky teenagers are no longer a problem," says Wendland. "They're happy on the Internet, Facebooking with their friends from 35,000 feet above."

Business class meals

Wendland notes that Austrian Airlines has won World Airline Awards for the best business class catering and the best European staff service, in-flight and on the ground.

Business class meal
Business class meal
Photo: Lufthansa Airlines Group

"Lufthansa was the first airline to use biofuel on commercial flights." Lufthansa has won awards for environmental innovation with the airline's biofuel project.

Museum discounts

Up to 10 days after flights on Austrian Airlines, you can use your boarding pass for reduced, and in some cases, free admission to attractions and museums in Vienna and other Austrian Airlines destinations.

Discounted admission applies to Vienna's Leopold Museum, Belvedere Wien, Haus der Musik und Mozarthaus, Kunsthalle Wien, Schloss Esterhazy and other cultural institutions. "Austrian Airlines has the best boarding pass in the world," says Chris Wendland.

Vienna Airport Shuttle

Austrian Airlines also has a Red Cab service where you can arrange for private transport from the Vienna Airport (code VIE) to anywhere in the downtown area, for a cost of only 29 euros each way.

You can book Vienna Red Cabs up to 24 hours before the departure of your Austrian Airlines flight or reserve the airport shuttle after landing at Vienna's international airport. Up to three people can travel in Red Cab limos and up to eight passengers in Red Cab minibuses.

Vienna skyline viewed from Stadtpark
Vienna skyline viewed from Stadtpark
Photo © WienTourismus/Popp & Hackner

Toronto to Vienna flights

Austrian Airlines flies from Toronto Pearson International Airport (code YYZ) to Vienna (VIE) four times weekly in winter. During the summer, Austrian Airlines has daily non-stop flights from Toronto to Vienna. Lufthansa and its partners offer additional flights.

Vienna to Berlin flights will arrive at the new Berlin Brandenburg International airport.


Lufthansa: www.lufthansa.com

Austrian Airlines: www.austrian.com

Vienna Tourist Board: www.vienna.info

Visit Berlin: www.visitBerlin.de

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