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Kamloops, in the Thompson Okanagan region, is the Ginseng Capital of British Columbia. Although the ancient traditions for healing are rooted in Asian culture, the Sunmore Ginseng Factory has produced ginseng in Canada since 1982.

BC-grown ginseng is a much different plant than Asian ginseng. It's more deeply effective for boosting energy, strengthening immune systems, stimulating the senses and bolstering overall health rejuvenation, according to the Sunmore Ginseng Factory.

The only professional ginseng manufacturer in North America, the factory offers tours of its operation and instruction on the healing powers of ginseng.

Sunmore Ginseng Spa & Tea House infuses the root of each plant into every product. The tea house spa also offers massage and reflexology treatments. Guests can sample the Tea House chef's creations, followed by a selection of teas, including ginseng.