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Whitewater Resort, near Nelson, British Columbia, teaches snow riding and how to safely ski the steep and deep. To keep skiers and riders sampling its extensive out-of-bounds terrain safely, the resort offers avalanche seminars and courses throughout the winter.

One-day avalanche awareness courses, which start in the classroom then move into the backcountry, include basic transceiver usage and how to dig and understand snowpack layers in a snowpit. For skiers wishing more extensive schooling, Whitewater also conducts the three-day Recreational Avalanche Course, as recognized by the Canadian Avalanche Association.

Skiers learn about snowpack, terrain analysis, stability, safety measures and self-rescue in one classroom lesson and two field sessions. All field days are held within and adjacent to the Whitewater Ski Area Boundary.

Whitewater also offers specialized Backcountry Touring programs, covering fundamentals of proper equipment use and skins, how to plan a trip, route finding and safe travel in avalanche terrain. All levels include a lift-accessed tour within the Whitewater backcountry.