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The two-week Tucson Gem Show is held in late January and early February every year at the Tucson Convention Center. The largest gem and mineral show in the world attracts treasure-hunters, jewelers, rock hounds, meteorite collectors, fossil-hunters and bead collectors.

The public are welcome to attend the gem show on the final weekend. They can shop for gold, diamonds, granite bookends, glass beads, crystals, dinosaur fossils and opals. Children enjoy hands-on displays and exhibits in the Junior Education Area.

Museums and private collections also display gems, minerals and fossils. A Gems and Minerals of Canada exhibit showcases rare dinosaur fossils, gold, silver, fluorites and newly discovered sapphires. Canada is becoming a leading producer of world-class, gemstone-grade diamonds.

Dozens of other gem and mineral shows take place at the same time at more than 50 sites in tents, hotels and resorts in Tucson. Most offer free admission.

The best way to get to the Tucson Gem & Mineral show is on the free GemRide shuttle van.