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Bath, North Carolina's Oldest Town, celebrates tri-centennial with year-long ceremonies commencing March 8. Established in 1705 near the coast in Beaufort County, Bath promises numerous events throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the new Ormond Amphitheater opening in June for dramatic productions, concerts and musicals. The outdoor drama Blackbeard — The Knight of the Black Flag will be performed June 30-August 13. Other events include St. George's Day at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the state's oldest existing church, with a visit from the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Pinehurst hosts men's 2005 U.S. Open Championship, June 13-19, on Pinehurst No. 2 golf course at the Pinehurst Resort. The world's most skilled golfers will face an unforgettable challenge on the Donald Ross centerpiece golf course.

Blue Ridge Parkway, the most travelled scenic route in North Carolina, celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2005. Over half of the Blue Ridge Parkway's 469 miles stretches into North Carolina, from Cherokee to the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Besides spectacular scenery, this engineering marvel offers many opportunities for side trips and a wide range of recreational activities such as hiking and camping which puts visitors in touch with mountain culture, scenery and history.