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The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, is based on a theory that London or Paris could be the hiding place of a secret stash of religious artifacts. It links a hunt for the Holy Grail with tales of religious conspiracies and Roman Catholic secret societies. The Da Vinci Code book has been printed in more than 40 languages and made into a movie, starring Tom Hanks.

Rosslyn Chapel, an ornate medieval church six miles south of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has a key role in. Some visitors use the last chapters of the novel as their guide. The book has increased the number of visitors to Rosslyn Chapel. Many of its stone carvings depict medieval symbols. Some relate to the mysterious Knights Templar and to Freemasonry.

Several Da Vinci Code locations are in London. They include St. James's Park, Kensington Gardens and Westminster Abbey, the coronation and burial place of kings and queens.

In the lawyers' district of the Inns of Court, Temple Church is another Da Vinci Code setting. Symbols of ancient rites and customs fill the church.

Where is Temple Church? It is very hard to find because it is a warren of courtyards and passageways, linked to Fleet Street by a narrow passageway. An easy way for Da Vinci Code fans to find Temple Church, is to join the Legal and Illegal London walking tour offered by the London Walks company.

Where can you find all of the locations in Da Vinci Code? Look for the 256-page Penguin book called Rough Guide Da Vinci Code.

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