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April Point Resort is nestled on Quadra Island, just off the east coast of Vancouver Island, and three hours north of Victoria, British Columbia.

The Aveda Spa at April Point incorporates west coast/Japanese decor. It features eight treatment rooms and two couples' (or friends') suites, complete with an aroma hydrotherapy tub, light-mood therapy and an aromatherapy steam shower with custom blends. A 1,000-square-foot deck is available for outdoor treatments.

Using an elemental nature approach (based on the five elements found in nature: infinity, air, fire, water and earth), guests can indulge in a sensory experience that needs very little equipment and stimulates the senses through touch.

Each visit to April Point Resort and Spa begins with a consultation to personally customize all aromas and treatments. Several spa packages offer a combination of treatments.

The Aveda Spa serves both in and out-of-house guests of April Point Resort and Painter's Lodge, which is located on mainland Vancouver Island in Campbell River, directly across from April Point.

Both properties, owned and operated by the Oak Bay Marine Group, are connected by a complimentary 10 minute water shuttle.