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How do bright orange baggage tags help young women and girls return to school after years of oppression under the Taliban regime? When one dollar from the sale of each luggage tag is donated to Give Girls a Chance. This fundraising organization helps girls and young women, worldwide, seek better lives through education. Give Girls a Chance funds have also helped young females in a remote Tibetan village receive education, for the first time, and orphaned girls in AIDS-ravaged Zambia attend a training centre.

The fireproof, waterproof and durable tags are the brainchild of Evelyn Hannon, editor of the Journeywoman.com online travel resource for women. Readers (more than 66,000 monthly) identify other members of the Journeywoman network at airports, train stations, cruise ship terminals and other travel hubs, by attaching the colorful tags to their suitcases and backpacks.

The tags are so popular that Hannon has ordered a third shipment.