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The Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum was built to replace the original museum which was destroyed by fire. It's a good place to learn about the rich cultural traditions of the Acoma people and their ability to survive with their beliefs and values intact.

The Haak'u Museum has permanent exhibits of Acoma pottery and textiles, displayed for the first time. Traveling exhibits feature other Native American art. A theater hosts classes, films and guest speakers.

Tribal archives

The 40,000-square foot building houses tribal archives. It also allows the Acoma people to repatriate their ancestral remains, taken from their homeland, and other culturally significant artifacts.

The facility is a teaching tool for the Acoma people to learn about their cultural past and protect it for future generations. Its research library, which preserves rare historical information gathered from sources throughout the world, features a digital archive.

North America's oldest community

The architectural style of the Haak'u Museum reflects Sky City, the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America. The Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum houses a café serving traditional Acoma foods, as well as contemporary cuisine.

Sky City Pueblo offers visitors one-hour guided walking tours atop a sheer-walled 370-foot sandstone bluff, the home of the Acoma people for 2,000 years. Tours include the San Esteban del Rey Mission, one of the largest Spanish missions in the New Mexico. Building of the mission started in 1629. The mission and pueblo are registered National Historic Landmarks.

Acoma Pueblo is located west of Albuquerque on Highway 40.