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A partnership between the Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) and the Four Seasons Resort Nevis in the West Indies tracks turtles off the shores of Nevis (sister island to St. Kitts).

When endangered hawksbill, leatherback and green sea turtles climb onto the beach during their nesting season, many of them are outfitted with special devices, which transmit signals to orbiting satellites, allowing scientists to track the migratory movements of each turtle.

Between June 1 and October 31, families checking into the Four Seasons Resort Nevis will receive a complimentary sea turtle adoption kit, including a certificate with their turtle's name and photo. Four Seasons will also make a donation to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation on behalf of the family.

Four Seasons Nevis gives kids chocolate turtle treats and toy turtles. When the children return from their vacation, they can log on to a special website to track their turtles' movements.

Where do these turtles migrate? Shelldon, an adult female leatherback, was released off the coast of Panama in June 2005. Since then, she has traveled more than 6,000 miles and is currently in the Atlantic Ocean close to Canada.