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The Tourism Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality has three special winter weekends planned for visitors and residents beginning November 24, 2005.

On Thursdays, a free event will be held at the Israel Museum, the Bloomfield Science Museum or the Bible Lands Museum. Free evening entry will be available at one of the city's 15 museums. A musical event called "Jerusalem Moments" will be held at the Italian Jewish Art Museum, the Tower of David Museum, the Israel Museum, the Bible Lands Museum and the Bloomfield Science Museum. Hotel visitors will receive a free coupon to visit one of Jerusalem's museums.

Also on Thursdays, Old City visitors will be welcomed at the entrance to Jaffa Gate by actors playing the role of Biblical figures. They will escort visitors to the Tower of David Museum or team up for the magical night tours at the Jewish Quarter sites.

On Fridays, free guided tours will be offered around the city. A number of sites will give hotel discount certificates.

During these weekends, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs will offer discounts, bonuses and surprises until the early hours of the morning.