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Spanish World Heritage Cities host several special events every year.

Alcala de Henares celebrates Cervantes week in early October and Don Juan in Alcala in early November. Merida features an annual July and August international theatre festival with plays celebrated in the Roman theater, amphitheater and monuments.

San Cristobal de La Laguna hosts the Romeria de San Benito Abad festival in July and Fiestas del Santisimo Cristo in September.

In Santiago de Compostela, cultural events and fireworks celebrate Galicia's Regional Day and St. James' Day on July 25. Cordoba hosts Noches de Embrujo del Verano from June to September.

Corpus Christi week is the most famous event in Toledo, Spain, with processions on streets covered with rosemary and thyme. Segovia features puppet performances in the Old Town and Renaissance palaces during its annual May Titrimundo festival.

Holy Week is a major annual festival in all Spanish UNESCO World Heritage Cities. Caceres has processions around the Old Town. Cuenca features sacred music performances. Ibiza has a Ruta de la Sal boat race. Merida holds a Way of the Cross in the Roman Amphitheatre.