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China Southern Airlines, the largest aircraft fleet in The People's Republic of China, is offering a China Air Pass until May 31, 2007.

The air pass is available only to international passengers, who purchase in-bound China Southern International tickets originating from North America, Australia, Europe or the Middle East. The pass excludes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

The first three domestic flight segments, on China Southern Airlines, are priced at $US 329. The program allows passengers to reserve flight segments, before leaving for China, or reserve them in China. During the peak season, the China Air Pass costs $US 389. All seats are ticketed positive space Economy Class.

The China Air Pass requires a minimum of three connecting domestic sectors (expandable up to 10 flight segments for additional charges up to $US 909). China Southern will waive all penalties for changes in flight reservations. To reserve a flight segment, while in China, passengers can call China Southern Airlines' Customer Call Center in China at 8620-950-333.

In addition to the China Air Pass fares, travel is allowed on the following sectors with an additional mileage surcharge of $US 50 for each: Beijing to or from Urumqi, Guangzhou to or from Changchun, Guangzhou to or from Harbin, Guangzhou to or from Lhasa, Guangzhou to or from Shenyang, Guangzhou to or from Urumqi, Guangzhou to or from Yanji, Shenzhen to or from Changchun, Shenzhen to or from Harbin, Shenzhen to or from Shenyang and Shenzhen to or from Urumqi.