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Berlin has 180 museums. Located on Pariser Platz, near the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, The Kennedys Museum displays an impressive private collection of artifacts that once belonged to the Kennedys, including personal and treasured items, more than 1,000 photographs, historical documents, books and films.

The Kennedys Museum documents the history of America's royal family, the Kennedys, from the family's Irish origins to its rise as a legendary American dynasty. The museum focuses on the life and political career of former US President John F. Kennedy. His historic visit to Berlin in June 1963, considered one of the most celebrated events of his presidency, receives special emphasis.

"To this day, John F. Kennedy's famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech is seen as one of the strongest and most memorable declarations of friendship and solidarity between the citizens of Berlin and the United States," said Hanns Peter Nerger, CEO/President of Berlin Tourism Marketing, at the museum opening. "I'm delighted that The Kennedys Museum pays a special tribute to President J.F. Kennedy and his iconic family."

The 4,300-square-foot exhibit includes classic photographs by Jacques Lowe, Mark Shaw, and Davidoff, as well as President J.F. Kennedy's overseas suitcase, his black Hermès attaché case and Jackie Kennedy's signature pillbox hat.

The Kennedys Museum is open daily from 10 am until 6 pm.