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Ireland has 14 new scenic walking trails with coastal, island, nature and mountain themes. These walking routes make the countryside more accessible to both visitors and residents. The walks were created in conjunction with the Irish Sport Council's National Waymarked Ways routes, which feature 31 linear walks around Ireland.

The Ireland walking trails are graded easy, moderate and difficult, to cater to all types of leisure walkers. All routes boast breathtaking scenery, Irish culture and heritage.

Ireland's largest public falconry centre is located at Aillwee Cave, one of thousands of ancient caves located beneath Burren, County Clare. With origins in the Far East, dating back to 2000 BC, falconry is the oldest sport in the world.

At the falconry centre, visitors can see raptors in flight. The west Ireland centre is also a conservation and breeding station for birds of prey. Raptors in the falconry section include vultures, eagles, falcons, hawks and the country's only snowy owl.

Aillwee Cave has more than one kilometre of passages, an underground river, waterfall, stalactites and stalagmites. Bear remains are found inside the caves, but there is no evidence of human habitation.

At Aillwee Cave Centre, visitors find an extensive mountain walk and coppice woodland. The extended mountain walk offers hikers beautiful views of Galway Bay. The Garden Centre displays unusual Burren flowers and shrubs, including older and hard-to-find native fruit trees.

Also in County Clare, at the Cliffs of Moher, is Atlantic Edge. Under the main dome, visitors can experience Cliffs of Moher exhibits with themes of ocean, rock, nature and man.

At Atlantic Edge, the Clare Journey aerial tour showcases the county, a children's area and the Cyclorama immersive zone. Images of the Cliffs of Moher and their environs surround visitors along the viewing ramp and on The Caves approach to the auditorium. Within this space, The Ledge takes viewers on a virtual cliff face journey both above and below sea level, using state-of-the-art CGI technology to surround them on the front, side and below.

Visitor facilities around O'Brien's Tower feature elevated viewing areas, landscaping, pathways and a ranger service.