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The Jerusalem Light Railroad project, a combination streetcar and subway line operates mostly above-ground and is the first of seven lines.

There are twenty-four stations along the first route, with many located at major sightseeing destinations. The first line extends eight miles from the northern suburb of Pisgat Ze'ev, past Sho'afat, French Hill, Shivtei Israel to the ancient walls of the Old City at the Damascus Gate.

It then curves through the center of Jerusalem, with stops at King George Street, the Mahane Yehuda market, the Jerusalem Bus Station at Jaffa West, and on through Bet Hakerem to Mount Herzl and Yad Vashem.

The ecologically friendly trains transport 100,000 passengers a day, greatly easing traffic congestion in Israel's capital, which has a population of 750,000 people. The light railroad improvse traffic flow, safety, efficiency and visitor-friendliness.

The International Cycling Rally around the perimeter of the Dead Sea, in January, attracts 300 professional and amateur cyclists from Israel, Jordan and around the world. Their aim is to raise world awareness of the importance of preserving the Dead Sea area.

The 260-kilometer bike rally crosses the Jordanian and Israeli borders. For three days, cyclists will peddle beside the lowest place on earth and around the saltiest sea on the planet.

The event is sponsored by the Israel Foreign and Tourism offices, the Jordan Tourism and Antiquities offices, The Israeli and Jordanian Embassies, The Israeli and Jordanian Cycling Union, UNESCO, Friends of the Earth Middle East (FOEME), Research and Development of the Dead Sea, Megilot Regional Council Dead Sea, Tamar Regional Council Dead Sea, in collaboration with Israeli and Jordanian Security Offices.