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Wild Planet Adventures offers nine- and thirteen-day Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tours to Peru, between April and October, and custom trips, year-round.

Manu Biosphere Reserve

On the 13-day Peru trip, travelers visit the Amazon rainforest, including Tambopata's Oxbow lakes, home to prehistoric-looking Hoatzen and Giant Otters. Tour participants also explore Manu Biosphere Reserve. Called the most bio-diverse park in the world, it's home to 200 species of mammals, 13 species of primates and 1,000 species of birds. (The nine-day Peru tour excludes Manu Biosphere Reserve.)

Between August and October, hundreds of brilliantly colored macaws and parrots visit Peru's Tambopata Reserve Macaw clay lick, where they fill their beaks with red clay. After birdwatching in the Amazon rainforest, Wild Planet Adventures Peru tour participants travel in a glass-roofed train through the 18,000 foot, snow-capped Andes. They visit Cusco, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley's Pisac Market.

Amazon rainforest lodges

Peru's Amazon eco-system is home to 40 per cent more biodiversity than even the most bio-diverse parts of Brazil's Amazon. Through exclusive partnerships with local Ese'eja Indians and Peruvian naturalists, travelers on Wild Planet Adventures Eco-Tours have more authentic tours and accommodations in award-winning Amazon rainforest lodges.

Travelers can combine the Ultimate Wildlife Peru Eco-Tour with a seven-night Galapagos Island Nature Cruise, Wild Planet Adventures' most popular tour combination, for a more intensive wildlife tour.

Peru tour prices

Ultimate Wildlife Peru Eco-Tours cost $2,298 for the nine-day adventure and $3,598 for the 13-day tour.

Wild Planet Adventures offers small-group tours to Costa Rica, Belize, Peru and the Galapagos. Itineraries offer opportunities for wildlife viewing and interactions.