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The oldest deposits of dinosaur skeleton parts in Western Canada are in a canyon near Tumbler Ridge in Northern British Columbia. The first bones were discovered in 2002.

More than 200 bones have been unearthed so far. Footprints of ankylosaurs (armored dinosaurs) and theropods (carnivorous dinosaurs) were discovered at the Cabin Pool site on Flatbed Creek. Excavations continue at Tumbler Ridge.

Dinosaur tours

At the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery in Tumbler Ridge, northeast of Prince George, visitors can follow dinosaur footprints on Trackway Tours along dinosaur corridors. One-hour Wolverine Tours and two-hour Cabin Pool Tours bring visitors on dinosaur trails through landscapes where they walked more than 90 million years ago.

On Wolverine Lantern Tours, after sunset, visitors see dinosaur footprints and listen to sounds that scientists speculate the reptiles made.

Exhibits include items from the first dinosaur excavations in British Columbia, descriptions of footprint discoveries and records of Triassic and marine reptiles and fish found in the Tumbler Ridge region.

Dinosaur camps

During the summer, children ages seven to 13 and eight to 13, can join Family Mini-Camps and Dinosaur Camps. Kids learn about history and how two boys discovered the first fossils in the Peace Region's bedrock.

On Dinosaur Safaris and field trips to fossil-bearing sites, kids identify and prepare excavated items, play educational games and listen to talks on Dinosaurs Inside Out: Bone Anatomy.

Children can measure the length and width of footprints and calculate the pace and stride of dinosaurs, using long clear plastic sheets traced with dinosaur trackways.