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Dates for the Paralympic Games are March 12-21, 2010. Spectators can buy 250,000 tickets for the Vancouver Paralympics.

How much do Paralympic tickets cost? Prices begin at $15 for individuals and $10 for groups of 20 and larger. More than 70% of individual Paralympics tickets cost less than $20.

How much do Paralympic Opening Ceremony tickets cost? Prices range from $35 to $175.

How to buy Paralympics tickets

You can buy tickets online for the Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games, as well as on the day of the event, at 2010 Winter Games venues and at Vancouver 2010 Ticket Centers.

Paralympic tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Vancouver 2010 Ticket Call Centre

Canadians, who don't have Internet access, can order mail-in Paralympics Ticket Request Forms by telephone. The Vancouver 2010 Ticket Call Center phone number is 1-800-TICKETS.

American citizens, as well as citizens of Australia, Austria, Bulgaria and Sweden, can buy tickets from CoSport, authorized ticket sales agents for the USA Olympic Committee. International residents can buy Vancouver 2010 Paralympic tickets through their respective National Olympic Committees.

How to get the best seats

Category A tickets are for spectators who want the best Winter Games seats, for the highest prices.

Seating maps indicate the categories of tickets available for each venue, including standing room availability.

The 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony will be held on March 12. The ceremony will last two hours and will feature performances and the Paralympic Cauldron lighting.

Paralympic events

The 10-day Paralympic Torch Relay features 600 torchbearers. At the Vancouver Paralympic Games, 1,350 athletes from 44 countries compete in 64 medal events.

The 2010 Paralympic Winter Games have five sports. Men's and ladies' alpine skiing is the first Paralympic sport event, on March 13, at Whistler Creekside.

Men's and ladies' cross country skiing 1km sprint finals are the final Paralympic events on March 21, at Whistler Paralympic Park. Other Paralympic competitions are ice sledge hockey, wheelchair curling and biathlon.

Tickets for Paralympic events

Visitors to the official Vancouver 2010 Olympics website can learn how to buy and sell Paralympic Winter Games tickets and how to donate tickets online.

Ticket holders can buy and sell Paralympic tickets through a fan-to-fan marketplace on the VANOC website. Special bar code technology ensures that tickets are legitimate. Online auctions allow you to obtain Vancouver Paralympics seats with the best views.

Information on Vancouver 2010 Paralympics packages and merchandise, the Cultural Olympiad, Torch Relay and victory ceremonies is also on the Vancouver Olympics website.

Paralympic victory ceremonies

The location of victory ceremonies for cross-country skiing, biathlon and alpine skiing is at Whistler Medals Plaza.

Wheelchair curling and ice sledge hockey victory ceremonies will be held after the competitions in their respective venues.