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British Columbia terrain parks are a hit with snowboarders and New School skiers, who use twin tip skis to ski both forwards and backwards.

Signs grade the parks, using the standardised Terrain Park Rating System of Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Resort staff supervise most BC terrain parks to clear fallen boarders and skiers before new takeoffs and landings.

Whistler Blackcomb terrain parks

Habitat Terrain Park, Big Easy Terrain Garden, Superpipe, the Snow Cross Track, the Nintendo Terrain and the Highest Level (HL) offer great flow, jibbing, jumping and ripping.

Freestyle terrain skiers and riders, who can jump and land, using natural terrain features, should begin at the Terrain Garden on Blackcomb, which has four mini rails, double small jumps and inset jibs for learning flat base sliding on hard surfaces.

As they perfect their skills, they can move on to Habitat Park on Whistler Mountain. Its Chipmunk line offers jumps and jibs for riders with various interests. Bobcat has a step-up culvert bonk. Riders also like the large jump set at Green Acres.

More skilled riders should head to the Nintendo Park on Choker, which offers new jib set-ups and a medium size step up jump. Whistler Blackcomb ranks Highest Level as XL in its Freestyle Terrain Park Rating System. HL has a double entrance and great jumps for spinning and corking.

Mount Seymour terrain parks

Located near North Vancouver, Mount Seymour boasts two terrain parks. Young Guns Terrain Park, reached from the Lodge chair, allows new skiers and snowboarders to gain experience on easy to mid-level jumps and progressive rails and boxes.

Competitive riders can challenge themselves at Northlands Terrain Park, Mount Seymour's highest level pro park, with step ups, quarter pipes and more.

Apex terrain parks

Orage/Freeride Terrain Park at Claimjumper has its own snowmaking system. Its new layout, designed for competitions, features large jumps on the right and a big rail line on the left.

Beginners and intermediate riders can test their skills at Maverick run. Its spacious Crooked Park has rails, boxes and jumps for all levels of experience.

Pipe Dragon grinding machines groom The Super Pipe on Okanagan Run. The dirt walls are full height and the bottom is excavated to 16 degrees so it needs less snow to open.

Big White terrain park

TELUS Park at Big White has a snowboard/skier cross course with banked turns and jumps used in major competitions. The park is illuminated for night sessions and has its own chair lift.

Popular draws are the DV8 Wall Ride and the Amateur Rail Jam event with prizes.


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