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Eurail Scandinavia Pass has replaced the former ScanRail Pass. Eurail passengers can now travel by train through Scandinavia with a single pass.

Passengers can buy rail passes with local currency, before they depart for Scandinavia. Sales agents include ACP Rail International, Flight Centre, Rail Europe and STA Travel.

Eurail Scandinavia Pass

Prices for the Eurail Scandinavia Pass begin at 50 euros a day for a four-day Saver Pass. Discounts apply for groups of two or more and passengers under 26 years old. The pass allows unlimited second class rail travel in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is valid for a variety of durations.

Eurail's Scandinavia train packages allow passengers to combine country passes, such as Finland and Sweden, Denmark and Sweden and Norway and Sweden. Like other Eurail Passes, Norway and Sweden One Country Passes have Saver discounts in second class for groups of two to five passengers.

Scandinavia trains

Trains in Scandinavia are modern, comfortable and reliable. High-speed trains, like Sweden's X2000 and Finland's Pendolino, transport passengers between cities. Other trains, like the Bergen Railway in Norway, offer slower scenic routes, with mountain tunnels and bridges.

Scandinavian railway companies include Danish Railways (DSB), Finnish Railways (VR), Norwegian Railways (NSB) and Swedish Railways (SJ). Cross-border connections are easy and efficient even though each country operates its own railway.

The time to travel by train from Oslo to Stockholm is just over six hours. The train trip between Stockholm and Copenhagen takes five hours. A ship, operated by Tallink Silja Oy connects Helsinki and Stockholm. Eurail Pass holders receive a 50 per cent discount on the full fare for the crossing.

Besides Scandinavian packages, the Eurail Group offers passes for single countries and the Eurail Global Pass, which is valid in 20 countries.