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Snorkeling at The Baths
Snorkeling at The Baths
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

The Baths is a series of small sandy beaches and coves, separated by enormous granite boulders. Located on the southwest tip of Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the British Virgin Islands, The Baths is one of three national parks in The Baths Protected Area.

Scattered randomly, along the beach, some rocks are as big as a three-story home. Others look like whales, shaded by coconut palms.

Spring Bay, to the north, has a larger beach with giant boulders and crystal-clear water. Devil's Bay offers sensational snorkelling in a southwest coast cove.

Beach activities

The Baths is a beach playground for the entire family. Couples like the private sandy beaches, bordered by boulders and accessed by wind-carved tunnels. Children like to explore the tidal pools, left behind by crashing surf. Teens love to plunge from rocky ledges into the warm aquamarine Caribbean Sea.

Families have fun climbing over and around the rocks and through arches into a maze of wind and water-carved passageways. Some tunnels lead into caves with cathedral ceilings. Shafts of sunlight pierce openings in the rocks, creating sparkling diamonds in the turquoise water.

The Baths beach in the British Virgin Islands
The Baths beach in the British Virgin Islands
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

The Baths' rocks, caves and tunnels are fun to explore underwater, so bring masks and snorkels. There are more than 300 species of fish in the British Virgin Islands. Underwater visibility of up to 60 meters makes it easy to see them.



The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board: www.bvitourism.com

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