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Planning a trek in Nepal? A climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro? A backpack journey through Vietnam and Cambodia? A white-water canoe adventure?

If you have questions about inoculations, altitude sickness, malaria or traveler's diarrhea, The Travel Doctor — Your guide to staying healthy while you travel is a must-read.

The Travel Doctor book cover

The easy-to-read book was written by veteran traveler and travel and tropical medicine specialist, Dr. Mark Wise, who runs The Travel Clinic in Toronto, Canada.

Although the 300-page guide doesn't replace a pre-trip visit to your closest travel clinic, it does provide practical information on common travel questions like:

  • What do we pack in our family's first aid kit?
  • How do we avoid jet lag?
  • What should I do if I get a bee sting on my camping trip?
  • How do I treat frostbite that I got skiing?

The well-indexed book also deals with travelers with special needs — children, pregnant women, diabetics and people with other health problems. There are chapters on motion sickness, sunburn and even one on snakes, scorpions and other scary creatures.

Besides common-sense tips and medical advice on prevention and treatment, The Travel Doctor is packed with checklists, websites, travel quotes and funny, but pertinent cartoons.