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Like most luxury hotels in Brazil, the Tropical Hotel has restaurants, shops, bars, meeting rooms, tennis courts, children's activities, pools, a beauty salon, sauna and gym. What sets the eco-resort apart is its size and location in the Amazon rainforest.

Giant Victoria Regis water lily pads and pink flowers
Giant Victoria Regis water lily pads and pink flowers
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

Tropical Manaus has 594 rooms and suites. With its colonnaded walkways, wide hallways, marble staircases, mahogany trim and red-tile roofs, the three-story, white stucco hotel has a distinct colonial atmosphere. Yet, you never forget that it is an Amazon hotel.

Amazon rainforest animals

A glass-enclosed garden in the lobby shelters palms, a great white heron and tree ducks that waddle happily between a pond and their nests in the tropical foliage.

Behind the hotel, there is a menagerie of rescued ocelots, jaguars, pumas, caimans (South American relatives of alligators) and capybaras. The largest rodents in the world, capybaras look like giant, hairy guinea pigs.

Technicolor toucans, macaws and parrots squawk, monkeys swing from rafters and fluorescent blue butterflies flutter from flower to flower.

Tropical water lilies

Pink blossoms and truck tire-sized pads of Victoria Regis water lilies decorate a placid pond. National Geographic photos once depicted the circular green leaves supporting a baby.

Tropical Manaus restaurants serve international and Brazilian cuisine, such as churrasco — beef, pork and chicken barbecued on a spit. A coffee shop and ice cream parlor serve light meals and snacks.

Resort activities include volleyball, soccer, dancing lessons, archery, bike tours and viewing more than 1,300 orchid species in the Orchidarium. Evening entertainment features dancing, games and shows, including a Boi Bumba folk performance.

Tropical Hotel swimming pool
Tropical Hotel swimming pool
Photo © Barb & Ron Kroll

Manaus tours

Located on the banks of the Rio Negro, the Tropical Hotel Manaus is only 16 kilometers from downtown Manaus and 10 kilometers from the international airport. Amazon tours and cruises depart daily from the hotel.

With so much to offer, it's not surprising that the Tropical Manaus hotel has hosted visitors ranging from the James Bond actor, Roger Moore, to the Prince of Thailand. The Prince and his retinue took over an entire wing of 110 rooms during their stay.


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